Jun 14

It has been quite some time since this domain has been active…

This website was originally launched featuring a very amateurish design in the summer of 2007, right after I graduated from high school, as a way to put into practice some knowledge about Ruby on Rails. It featured multiple sections and served as a way for me not only to write about the topics I was interested at, but also to expose some of the things I had been creating in my spare time.

One year later, I chose to redesign it, attempting to correct the flaws of all my initial attempts at styling and designing a webpage. I also took the opportunity to rethink its concept, turning the page into something much more similar to a common blog.

This blog served as my online diary of opinions, small projects and ideas, however, at some point during 2010 and due to hosting issues, it became unaccessible and I didn’t take the time to bring it back.

My current plan is now to adapt the concept of what this page has been in the past to the possibilities given by github pages as a hosting platform. I will most likely not bring back all the content I once shared in here, but maybe I’ll take some time to write about some of the most relevant projects I engaged in during these years. After all, a lot changed since then.

Until then! :)